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Monday, October 20, 2008

Superyacht berth for sale: berth for sale on the Cote d'Azur...

Marina Baie des Anges near Nice airport

So you are planning to buy a berth for your superyacht ?

On the Cote d’Azur, berth prices have climbed dramatically in the past decade but the overall market appears to have stabilised for the time being. However, there is a gap between the demand and the offer and this is especially true for the berths above 23m.

Fortunately we can give you some quick rules of thumb!

Renting or buying: which is better for you ?
There are many benefits in buying a berth versus renting one :
  • You have exclusive usage of that berth for the length of the berth lease. However, during some special events (Cannes Boat Show for example), the barbour authorities will ask you to temporarily move you yacht.
  • You will usually be entitled to sub-letting rights which can provide an income flow when you are not using the berth yourself. Lessee shall be entitled to sublet their berth only upon approval of the harbour authorities.
  • You have the right to sell your berth lease on whenever you choose.
  • you are sure to have a berth available even during the high season

However, buying a berth requires to make a substantial investment:
Golfe Juan Camille Rayon price guide
40x9m: 5.5M euros (available)

Antibes Port Vauban price guide
15x5m: 250-300K euros (available)
23x6m in : 500-620K euros
30m: 1,5-1,7M euros

Baie des Anges price guide
12.96x4m: 98K euros (available)

What to consider before buying a berth ?
  1. All purchases are subject to the exact wording of the Berth Lease document.
    We always recommend the use of a lawyer to oversee the correct legal transfer of ownership of any berth lease
  2. Is there any parking lot nearby ?
  3. What services are offered: shuttle, water, electricty, pump out ?
  4. Are there any shops nearby?
  5. Is there any known safety issue ?
  6. Is your Captain happy with the berth ? ie is there room for manœuvre ?
  7. How much is the annual service charge ?
  8. How much is the transfer fees ?
    Usually, the 5.09% Tresor Public fee comes on the top of the asking price.
  9. Are there any other fees ?
    some harbours authorities will charge you with other fees: contingency fund, yacht club subscription…
  10. How long is the lease ?
Our advice
Please read the following important information :
  • There is usually a tolerance of 10% on the yacht length…
  • You can rent a berth in the following harbours but there are no berths for sale :
    Cannes Vieux Port
    Cannes Port Canto
    Golfe Juan Vieux Port
  • We suggest not to buy any berth in the following harbour unless radical action is taken by the appropriate authorities: Saint Laurent du Var

Lease term
  • Cogolin : 11 years
  • Mandelieu la Rague: 13 years
  • Mandelieu la Napoule: 16 years
  • Golfe Juan - Juan les Pins Port Galice: 9 years
  • Golfe Juan Camille Rayon: 16 years
  • Antibes Port Vauban: 13 years
  • Baie des Anges : 12 years
  • Cap d’Ail : 19 years
  • Menton Garavan : 7 years
  • Beaulieu : 10 years
Contact us to get more information
All information given in this article is provided in good faith but not binding for legal reasons.

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