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Friday, October 17, 2008

Superyacht market: a Russian superyacht crisis?

It is said that Roman Abramovich has recently lost £12billion on the Russian stock exchange.

It comes just four days after details emerged of the £200million super-yacht project "Eclipse" Abramovich is having built - set to be the largest private yacht ever constructed.

Many superyachts belongs to Russian oligarchs:
  • A: Mr Melnichenko
  • Anastasia: Mr Potanin
  • Ectasea: Mr Abramovich
  • Grand Bleu: Mr Shvidler
  • Ice:Mr Kerimov
  • Pelorus: Mr Abramovich
  • Sussuro: Mr Abramovich

What will be the effect of the recent Russian stock exchange downturn on the superyacht market?
Are the Russian billionaires going to sell their superyachts?

Source: Bloomberg

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