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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Superyacht market Vs Jet Market

Wally steering wheel

According to investors, a mature market is a market that has reached a state of equilibrium marked by the absence of significant growth...or a lack of innovation.

Is the superyacht market a mature market?

For several years now, the yachting press have been reporting record sales & charter activity and stressed the lack of infrastructure as well as the lack of qualified crew.
Meanhwhile, the recent mergers & acquisitions between key players (brokerage companies and shipyards) signal a rising wave of consolidation in the superyacht market.
Following the consolidation of the Italian market with key players like Ferretti Group and Azimut Benetti, L Capital acquired Princess yachts and LVMH recently purchased Royal Van Lent. In the Netherlands, the Heesen shipyard has also been sold to an international investment group.

At the same time, superyacht shipyards are growing like mushroom in Turkey and in China.

Will there be any benefit for the buyer/owner?

It is certainly to early to answer this question; however, we thought it could be a good idea to have a look at the jet market.

Founded in 1984 as an independent company, Central Business Jets is sought after by Fortune 500 companies to multi-national firms to individuals for its expertise in client representation of a business jet sale and/or acquisition.

Central Business Jets provides valuable information to educate their clients through their Jetcraft reprt: general market trend, aircraft operating cost, average fuel burnt per hour, Average Total Operating Costs Per Flight Hour...

You can download a sample valuation report here.

In spite of the facts that many superyachts are higly customized goods and that many yacht brokers are affected with paranoid syndrom, we believe that relevant information could drastically benefit to potential purchasers.

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