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Friday, November 21, 2008

Superyacht owner: the Queen...

Private collection of Sidney Cumpe

Published on SWNS website
"It's a charming, impromptu snapshot of the Queen, showing her as she's rarely been seen before.
Wearing a sun hat and clasping a pair of sunglasses as she relaxes on the silver sands of a tropical beach, she could almost be any other holidaymaker. But the Royal Yacht Britannia riding serenely at anchor on the azure blue ocean behind her, gives the game away.

Smiling broadly, the Queen appears totally relaxed as she soaks up the sun in an all too rare off-duty moment, a million miles from the constant pomp and ceremony and affairs of state.

The Queen even showed a flair for fashion for the photograph believed to have been taken on an overseas tour in the 1970's as she wore an Oriental-style jacket...and a pair of flared trousers"

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