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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Superyacht infrastructure: Marina Villanova sells 20 per cent of moorings

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Aerial view of the marina

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The marina Villanova located near Sitges, Spain, has sold 20 per cent of its 76 moorings from 20m-60m (66ft-197ft) during its first year of sales despite the dowturn of the economy.

The new marina, which is expected be fully operational by the start of next year offers seven 60 x 15m superyacht berths although 75 per cent have already been sold.

Prices range
20 x 6m: 265,000 euros approx.
30 x 9m: 550,000 euros approx.
40 x 10: 1,000,000 euros approx.
45 x 12 m: 1, 370,000 euros approx.
50 x 13 m: 1,700,000 euros approx.
60 x 15 m: 3,385,000 euros approx.

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Considering the current price of the berths on the Cote d'Azur, and the fact that the Spanish lease runs up to 2035, it has become a real bargain for international investors.

At the same time, Island Global Yachting, one of the world’s premier owners, developers and managers of luxury marinas and yachting lifestyle destinations, has released details of a 4% recent staff reductions (4% of their 800 strong global workforce...

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