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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Superyacht market: Top 5 reasons to buy a yacht now

You have worked hard, is'nt it time to enjoy relaxing on your yacht now?

We compiled the top 5 reasons to buy a yacht :
  1. Cash is king
    Following the credit crunch, potential buyers with plenty of cash can negotiate the price on second hand yachts as well as on new construction project because, for owners, it means quick sale and no suspensive clause.

  2. It is a buyer market
    There are many boats officially (and non officially) for sale on the market at the moment.
    Some owners really wants their boats sold now because of a new construction project coming soon for example.

  3. A sound investment ?
    "If you bought a yacht or a townhouse for $300 million US$ (and you're losing in Russia), you still have those assets even if you have to sell them at a fire sale"
    Aurel Braun - Professor of Political Science

  4. Fuel price vs consumption issue
    Oil prices closed below $55 a barrel yesterday

  5. Pleasure
    Yachting remains one of the more authentic (and comfortable) experience.

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