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Monday, August 11, 2008

Superyacht history: MY Kingdom 5KR

One of the rare picture of the superyacht Kingdom 5KR at anchor near Cannes

Shipyard: Benetti - Italy
Design: Bannenberg Design Ltd
Interior designer: L. Sturchio

Year: 1980
Length: 85.65m
Refit: Amels BV shipyard in 1993
Price: US$ 30,000,000 + US$ 55,000,000 for all the luxury extras and equipment
For sale with Burgess in 1987: US$50,000,000, sold to D. Trump £ 15 million in 1987

Previous Names: ex Nabila (named after his daughter actress Nabila Kashogggi), ex Trump Princess
Previous owners: Adnan Kashoggi, Donald Trump (Brunei Sultan?)
Current owner: Saudi businessman Al-Waleed bin Talal, a nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia

The yacht also appeared in the James Bond film "Never say never" under the name "Flying Saucer" and was one of the world's largest private yacht.
The yacht came with the following:
3 elevators
a 12-seat movie theatre
2 saunas
a swimming pool
a discotheque
a jacuzzi
a billard room
11 guest rooms with hand-carved onyx bathroom fixtures and gold-plated door-knobs and a master suite of 4 rooms, the bathroom of which had a solid gold sink...

It is said that the Benetti shipyard almost went in bankrupcy because Kashoggi had demanded a lot of changed: the shipyard never recovered from the losses and was sold to boat builder Azimut in 1984, who then started to build their own boats on the shipyard, still using the traditional name Benetti.

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