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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Superyacht equipment: the shadow boat

The shadow boat Al Shoua in Antibes - Paladin class

Do you know what a shadow boat is?

According to the main shadow boat builder Shadow Marine, this is a mega-yacht support vessel able to hold all the toys (helicopters, cars, boats, jetski, etc.) that might otherwise take up valuable space on your megayacht.

The hull range in size from 150' to over 280' with the Allure, Paladin and Mystere class.

Most shadow boats feature high capacity crane, lot of storage, oversized heli-pad and all the comfort you can expect on a mega-yacht: spa, gym, salon or hospital...

A 176' supply ship built by RISCO Marine before conversion

Spotted in Antibes and originally built in 1980 by Rockport Yacht & Supply Co.,Al Shoua (ex Interceptor, ex Earl Tide, ex Paladin Shadow II) is a converted offshore service vessel.

High capacity crane fitted on Al Shoua

How much does it cost?
Check out a second hand Shadow Marine Mystere, built 2006, 160ft costs around US$6,000,000...

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