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Monday, April 6, 2009

Superyacht picture "Lady Christine"

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The 55m Oceanco "Lady Christine" spotted while docking in Port Hercule this morning.
The yacht built by the Oceanco shipyard in 2004 was offered for sale for euro 45,000,000 by Edmiston Company in 2008.


Wonggies said...

We just saw her outside my office window in Troy, NY yesterday! She was AMAZING!

Mel Rallo said...

Just saw her at the River Front in Newburgh, NY today at she is incredible!!

Betty Y P said...

I had the privilege of seeing Lady Christine today. She is up the Penobscot River from spectacular Penobscot Bay docked in in Bangor Maine!Breathtaking!
Betty Y.P.

Jeff said...

What a beautiful Yacht....J.Webb

Editor, Wild Maine Times said...

Such an egregiously vulgar display of conspicuous consumption might tempt some to consider a career in the exciting field of piracy.

Thanks a lot, Lord Laidlaw, for yesterday jettisoning a load of gasoline in our lovely Penobscot Bay here in Maine in order to save your worthless hide. (His excellency's personal helicopter went into the drink.) You should be ashamed of yourself for your selfishness.

And the rest of you posters: "Amazing" "Incredible" "A privilege" "Breathtaking" ??? What a pack of unimaginative sycophants to ooh and aah in such a fashion over a rich man's toy.

Editor, Wild Maine Times said...

By the way, it's not as if His Lordship is a contributing member of society. In Britain he is well known for ducking his share of responsibility to his country by maintaining a tax exile legal residence in Monaco. Last year it was revealed that he had been holding orgies with $5000-a-night prostitutes flown into his lecher's pad in Monte Carlo. Perhaps not so surprisingly, he has been a leading financial contributor to the Conservative Party.

DowneastVintage said...

Lady Christine is amazing to see in person! I have some fabulous photos that I will post soon of Lady Christine. I also have a photo of Lord Irvine Laidlaw, owner, while he was docked in Bangor.