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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Antibes show to be 'carbon balanced'...

Antibes harbor 5 March 2008

According to IBI Magazine:" This year's yacht show at Antibes in southern France will be 'carbon balanced', in response to concerns about the environmental impact of CO2 emissions. UK-based company Yacht Carbon Offset will work in partnership with this year's Antibes Yacht Show to calculate the CO2 emissions of yachts at the show. The firm will then purchase the corresponding amount of 'carbon credits', which fund projects such as renewable energy programmes.Petra Malloier of the Antibes Yacht Show says: "AYS is committed to carbon balance in 2008. When selecting our offset provider we chose yachting specialists Yacht Carbon Offset for their expertise in the field."The Antibes Yacht Show will take place from April 17-20 at Port Vauban. 2008 is the show's second year."

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