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Friday, January 9, 2009

How superyacht brokers become real estate agent...

Here is an email I received yesterday:

"1. This client would like to even trade a hotel with a restaurant and bar overlooking a small picturesque village in the South of France for a classic yacht in the 80’-110’ range. They are not looking for projects. The current value of the property is somewhere around $1.6 million.

2. This client would like to trade his equity in a 220 acre golf and fishing resort in Colorado for a late model 80’-120’ pedigree motor yacht. January 2008 the Club was voted as one of the “Best Places to Play in Northern America” and was given a 4 star rating. If the Club was on the market the asking price would be around $12 million.

3. This client would like to trade several tracts of undeveloped residential waterfront property in the panhandle of Florida for a 60’-100’ displacement yacht of equal or greater value. Current market valuations on the property are between 5-6 million dollars. If the value of the boat exceeds the value of the property they would be looking for owner financing."

It seems that the credit crunch and the current economic situation force the yacht brokerage company to be definitely more creative and find new solutions to do business and it is just the same with the charter: free delivery fee, fuel for free, bonus for the charter broker...

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