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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"We have plenty of space for Your yacht Mr Abramovich"

Pelorus in Antibes

Here is an interesting article published on Baltic Business News website:

Latvians offer bankrupt country to Russian oligarch

More than 400 Latvians have sent a letter to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, asking him to buy bankrupt Latvian country, quotes Ria Novosti.

“As You know our home country Latvia has gone bankrupt and is in negotiations with the IMF to get a loan in amount of EUR 7.5 bln,” says the letter.

After that is a description of the goods, describing Latvians as laborious and pleasant people.

“In case You’d like to buy Latvia then the population is laborious and pleasant, environment is pure and we have plenty of space for Your yacht,” the letter says.

It is not know how much Latvians ask for their country.

At the same time the petition in which Latvians beg for occupation from Sweden has collected over 12,000 signatures.

The article does not mention if the Latvians know that Mr Abramovich has 3 superyachts and has lost almost more than $20 billion in the recent economic crisis...

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